Additional Services



Whether your residence is three thousand square feet or thirty thousand square feet, we understand the importance of its meticulous care. Our estate and house managers can live in or out and will manage your property from the front gate to the roof. Whether you have a mountain ski lodge, a beach estate, or a country house your home will be protected, managed and organised while you are present and during your time away.

Many of our estate and house managers have strong administrative experience and can manage travel plans, property renovations, and social functions from children’s birthday parties to formal fundraiser dinners. It is also very helpful for households with multiple staff to have the house manager take care of work schedules, payroll, and the general comings and goings that mandate a well run home.

You will never have to worry about changing a light bulb; the kitchen will always be stocked with delicious goodies; flowers can adorn all the rooms; and your guests will feel like they have been on a spa vacation. Even your full time residence can benefit from one of our highly motivated and experienced estate managers.


GBP £40,000-£150,000 per annum for exceptional candidates depending on qualifications/experience.

Salaries are based upon a 5 or 5.5 days per week 8/12 hour days.


Waiter serving a meal under a silver cloche or dome

Butler Salary Guide

GBP £800-£1000 per week

In accordance with qualifications/experience and previous salaries acquired. Room & board to be provided by family.

Salaries are based upon a 5 or 5,5 day workweek, 8/12 hours daily.



White Glove Inspection Ready Homes.

Cleaning, making beds, dishes, cleaning & kitchen supplies stocked 


GBP £400-£500 net per week, 8/10 hours per day, 5 days per week, according to qualifications/experience.


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If you find yourself needing more hours in the day or two of you then a Private Personal Assistant may be just what you need. We aim to match you with an assistant that fits your needs precisely. Or assistants are organised, self-motivated, proactive, flexible and above all discreet. They can manage and source resources and conduct research, and are internet savvy. Our candidates are capable of dealing with situations in the event of the clients’ absence and are confident enough to delegate upwards on their clients’ behalf.

Some of the duties that an assistant can perform are:

Reading, monitoring and responding to personal email

Preparing correspondence on your behalf

delegating work on your behalf

shopping for personal items or gifts

Maintaining the integrity of your personal wardrobe.


GBP £40,000-£150,000 per annum



A personal chef is a trained cook, who prepares at-home meals for a family or one household. They will customise a meal plan according to the clients’ dietary needs and preferences, shop for items, prepare the meal, and clean up the kitchen after they are done. This saves their clients the time and effort needed to cook their own food, which can be very valuable to people who are extremely busy.

The responsibilities of a Private Chef include meal planning, shopping for ingredients, cooking, and cleaning up after meals. Some Chef’s work in a clients home to cook a week worth of meals, and are responsible for safe packaging, accurate labeling, and convenient storage in their clients’ refrigerator or freezer. On special occasions, a personal chef may manage a team of cooks and act as a caterer. As a caterer, the personal chef and hired assistants may prepare food that will be served to guests at a dinner party. This could be a formal sit down dinner, or for a buffet style event.


GBP £800-£1000 or more dependant on qualifications & experience. Room & board to be provided by family.

Salaries are based upon a 5 or days worked per week, 8/12 hours daily.


Nurse Holding Elderly Patient's Hand

Our Elderly Caregivers make living at home a viable option. In-Home Elder Care is an alternative to nursing home or assisted living care and often seniors respond best to it, as it allows them to get care in familiar surroundings and in the comfort of home. We provide a quality service that includes light housekeeping, making meals, accompanying the client to appointments or running errands.  

Our carers make it possible for the client to remain safe and secure, by being cared for in the comfort of their own home by offering a wide range of services, these include:

Menu planning, cooking, shopping

Medication Reminders, monitoring changes in client’s health

Personal Hygiene, washing/bathing, dressing and undressing

General Housework, laundry, light cleaning, bed making etc.,

Companionship: Building a relationship and friendship

We choose caregivers who are self motivated as well as discrete, loyal, trustworthy, patient and have excellent checkable references.

Our aim is to make these twilight years as comfortable as possible for your loved family member.

We provide Private Nursing Care if required.


GBP £500-£800 net per week, depending on experience, qualifications and job requirements



A “domestic couple” is a husband and wife team who normally live at your property – or separate from the main house – as caretakers accommodating a variety of household needs.

The wife of the team can take on personal assistant responsibilities, housekeeping, help with childcare, manage other staff, cook, clean and generally plan the day-to-day running of your home. The gentleman will manage minor-to-major house and garden/pool maintenance – he can take care of your cars, cleaning and driving, plus offer a security detail if needed.

Many clients enjoy the benefits of a live-in domestic couple. There is something to be said for a “less is more” attitude when it comes to how many people you want in your home and hiring a couple leads to a calm peaceful home situation.


GBP £800-£1200 net per week per couple, according to qualifications/experience and job requirements